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#1 01-01-14 1:42 PM

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Medical condition related to pilots license

Dear Dr Cummings,

I am interested in getting my pilot's license. In 1996 I sustained a complete brachial plexus injury on my left side that left me w/paralysis of my left arm, fortunately Im right handed.  I am treated for pain w Bacolfen, 20 mg three times a day. I am wondering if this would preclude me from attaining a medical release?

I would appreciate your opinion and advice.

With Thanks,




#2 03-03-14 10:13 AM

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Re: Medical condition related to pilots license

Your injury does not preclude you from obtaining an aviation medical certificate.  Depending upon the extent of your physical disability you may be required to submit to a "Medical Flight Test".  During that test you will demonstrate to the FAA representative that you are physically able to do the tasks of a pilot with your disability.
The drug Bacolfen, however, does disqualify you from holding a medical certificate.  There are no muscle relaxers or neurologically active drugs that you can take and still hold an aviation medical certificate.




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